Farm to School

Our Farm-to-School Program promotes healthy eating and rich learning opportunities.
Maplehill School and Community Farm is a proud member of the Vermont Farm to School Network.

Maplehill School incorporates the 3 Cs of Farm-to-School Programming:



  • Students are offered vocational training classes in organic gardening, animal husbandry, forestry, carpentry, culinary arts, small engine repair, and farm outreach and marketing

  • Students work with staff on project-based learning activities that incorporate environmental sciences such as soil studies, animal biology and mycology

  • Students have space to unwind and recharge

  • Students are taught responsible land stewardship and environmental sustainability


working together

  • Maplehill Community Farm provides fresh, organic food that feeds our students and staff year-round

    • Maplehill Community Farm produces fresh and storage vegetables, meats, mushrooms, eggs, maple syrup and honey.

    • Our long-term goal is that Maplehill Community Farm and other local farms provide 60% of Maplehill School’s food, year-round.

  • Our Farm Educator plans our growing season and coordinates student and staff involvement

  • Our two AmeriCorps members support our Farm-to-School program in the garden, the kitchen and the classroom

  • Our Farm-Table Coordinator leads our Healthy Food Program. In addition to preserving, cooking and storing our own fresh food, she connects with other local food sources and provides a breakfast snack and a home-cooked lunch every day for all students and staff.

  • Our students take part in planting, tending, weeding, harvesting, preserving and cooking

  • Maplehill School celebrates the Vermont Harvest of the Month each month with special dishes highlighting the harvest each week.


  • Our AmeriCorps members lead our Elder Outreach Project which seeks to support elder people in our region by:

    • Donating food every month to senior housing residents in Plainfield

    • Donating food to the Twin Valley Senior Center in East Montpelier

    • Providing elders in the community with handmade raised garden beds, soil and seedlings so that they can grow their own food through our Home Harvest Project

  • Maplehill Community Farm hosts educational workshops and hands-on learning opportunities

  • Maplehill School supports other local farms and food distributors by establishing direct buying relationships so that it is including as much local food as possible in its school meals.

  • Maplehill School and Community Farm hosts an annual Harvest Supper for students, parents, guardians, staff and neighbors to come and enjoy the fresh food it has grown. The Harvest Supper is a fundraiser for the Student Activities Fund.